Amazon Astro

a new home robot

Astro is equipped with a screen that can display information, a camera to navigate the house, and a microphone and speaker for voice commands and responses. It also has built-in Alexa functionality, allowing users to control smart home devices and access other Alexa features.

Astro can do following cool things:

  1. It can follow you around: Astro has the ability to move around your house and follow you, which can be particularly useful when you’re doing tasks that require you to move around a lot.
  2. It can recognize voices and faces: Astro uses AI-powered computer vision to recognize different people and respond accordingly. This means it can greet you by name, and even adjust the content it shows on its screen based on who’s in the room.
  3. It can be controlled remotely: You can control Astro using the Amazon Alexa app on your phone, which means you can give it commands and monitor its progress even when you’re not at home.
  4. It can help with a wide range of tasks: Astro can perform a variety of tasks, from setting reminders and playing music to checking your calendar and even helping with home security.
  5. It can learn and adapt: Astro is designed to learn from its interactions with you, which means it can get better at performing tasks over time. It can also adapt to changes in your home environment, such as new furniture or obstacles.

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